Terms of Service

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Terms of Service Engaging the Hong Kong Visa Centre as Your Hong Kong Immigration Advisor and, Where Applicable, as Your Authorized Representative


The Hong Kong Visa Centre offers four principal Hong Kong visa and immigration related services.

Service Description
55 minute video or audio conference to discuss your visa situation and provide specific advice in light of your exact personal circumstances. Discussion will focus on your current immigration status in Hong Kong; the type of visa you think you should be applying for; sponsorship of your application; your ability to pass the ‘approvability test’ for the specific visa consents you are seeking; the essential cut and thrust of the arguments you would want to be presenting to the HKID in support of your application; the essential strengths and weaknesses of your case circumstances and arrangements to be considered in respect of any family dependents or other loved ones who will be requiring associated permissions to remain in Hong Kong with you as the principal visa holder.
Consultation as above plus review of documentation supporting your application to assess its relevance, quality and potential impact on a favourable outcome plus a further 30 minutes video
or audio teleconference to discuss the merits of the final set of communications bundled for submission to the HKID.
Sliver package as above plus provision of one page of suggested outline arguments to be pursued in your Hong Kong immigration application.
Our full Application Management Service including all advice and consultation, completion of forms, crafting of arguments, communications and correspondence with the HKID, any interim visa extensions (if required), Immigration Department processing, domestic couriers, subsequent submissions, HKID Card forms completion and appointment scheduling after case approval and general case management. The initial video or telephone conference will typically last just under one hour and during this session a complete strategy will be mapped out in light of the extended discussion. Your Immigration Consultant will then follow up within 3 business days with a complete Application Package tailor-made to your exact case circumstances to get the application moving along positively. Thereafter you will receive 1~1 personal attention from your dedicated Immigration Consultant all throughout the time your application is being considered by the Hong Kong Immigration Department and on to its approval.
In addition, there are several other visa and immigration related service offerings which are available for purchase on an ad hoc basis. Details of these are available here.

    When providing any or all of these services, the Hong Kong Visa Centre will:

  1. Advise you on issues directly related to your Hong Kong immigration status and also how the same impacts on your accompanying family members.
  2. Deliver visa and immigration assistance to you to enable the processing of any application you intend to make/are making with the Hong Kong Immigration Departmentt.
  3. Where you have chosen our Platinum service option, keep you fully informed of the progress of your application at all times.
  4. Treat all your information as confidential and use it only for the purposes of providing you with immigration advice and assistance. We will not reveal your information to any person without your permission and such permission, if not expressly provided, may on occasion be implied from the manner and/or discussion surrounding how the information is disclosed by you to us.
  5. Within 5 days, refund the Platinum Service fee paid to us by you (plus a 100% premium under the terms of Double-Your-Money-Bank Guarantee), not including disbursements, if, after having been given complete and due consideration by the Hong Kong Immigration Department, your case is refused. This fee refund guarantee does not apply to any service other than “Platinum” and specifically excludes all refusals and appeals cases as well as applications made under the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme.
  6. Undertake our business with you subject at all times to the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Dispose of all your documents, unless subsequently further instructed, within 36 months of completion of the service provided.
  7. Dispose of all your documents, unless subsequently further instructed, within 36 months of completion of the service provided.
  8. For your part, you:

  9. Agree to make full disclosure of all information required for the Hong Kong Visa Centre to advise you and properly inform us of any material change in your circumstances which might have occurred and which would impact on the advice and assistance provided to you by us.
  10. Undertake that all documents provided to us are full and accurate originals or copies.
  11. Expressly advise us that there is no security or criminal matter or any unsatisfactory business dealings or other prior interactions with the Hong Kong Immigration Department which you have not previously disclosed to us that would restrict your entry to or right to stay in the HKSAR.
  12. Will do your best to obtain all documentation and satisfy all requirements for information relating to you and any family members to be included in your application and will comply at all times with any request from the Hong Kong Immigration Department and facilitate the same from any proposed immigration sponsor in Hong Kong and within the time frames provided by the Director of Immigration.
  13. Acknowledge that we have not made any statement guaranteeing the success of your application except to the extent that we shall provide a refund of your Platinum service fee as detailed in clause (5)
  14. Shall pay in advance our fees in accordance with the booking conditions prevailing on our website and that such fees will be paid in full either by PayPal, Credit Card or direct bank transfer at least 12 hours prior to the confirmed appointment or otherwise upon issuance of our Fee Note.
  15. Agree to pay our fee in full if you fail to proceed with your application, withdraw prior to its formal submission or decide to cancel whilst it is under active consideration by the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
  16. Acknowledge that non payment of our service fees at least 12 hours prior to the confirmed appointment will mean that the appointment is automatically cancelled and the time made available to other clients.
  17. Agree that any time needed to ‘last minute settle’ our service fees during the currency of an appointment will be deducted from the time allocated to providing you with visa and immigration advice.
  18. Acknowledge that Hong Kong immigration law and policy are subject to frequent changes which might result in a change in your eligibility for visa approval.
  19. Agree that the Platinum service fee refund guarantee in clause (5) becomes void if you provide untrue information or documentation or are unable to provide acceptable verifying documentation or fail to proceed with your application.

These terms and conditions are governed by Hong Kong law.